Benzoyl Peroxide - Why I Stopped Using this Harsh Ingredient.

Many of your favorite and my not so favorite over the counter skin care lines such as ProActive, Clean and Clear, Clearasil, Neutrogena (just to name a few) include this ingredient in many of their products. They’re often labeled with phrases such as “CONTROL STUBBORN ACNE”or “SKIN CLEARING TREATMENT”. I could only imagine how confusing this must be, especially if you’re desperate to clear your skin. It’s not your fault to want something that seems like a quick fix when it’s being marketed as such⁣


The purpose of this anti-bacterial ingredient, like most prescribed acne medications is to dry your blemishes out. Because of high concentrations, using this sort of ingredient overtime will dehydrate, irritate, and overly sensitize your skin. It’s very acidic and strips your acid mantle (skins protective barrier against bacteria). So the weaker your acid mantle, the more infection/breakouts this leads to⁣


So although yes, it dries out acne, your skin will end up highly dependent on it. In many cases it causes worse breakouts after you stop using it. I don’t believe it’s a permanent solution⁣


In my professional opinion, I don’t really recommend using benzoyl peroxide as a cleanser. Maybe as a spot treatment at most and use no more than a 5% solution. If benzoyl peroxide is working for you please just MAKE SURE you are using a good moisturizer and wearing SPF. ⁣

I’ve personally used it once upon a time when I was suffering from acne, but I felt as though my skin was getting very flaky and I noticed more redness. It ended up feeling like I was getting rid of my acne at all. If I ever stopped using it, I noticed whatever went away would come back.

Overall I would rather suggest to use AHA Salicylic Acid to keep my pores unclogged and oil balanced. You can use this a lot more often and is way less aggressive.⁣

Hope this info helps you guys out !