Idenity Your Cause of Rosacea

The begin, what is Rosacea?

It’s a chronic vascular condition which appears primarily on the cheeks and nose which can be traced all the way back to childhood. Symptoms include flushing (redness) or broken capillaries (dilated blood vessels), and in some cases, the formation of papules and pustules.⁣

Causes are not set and stone but points to internal, systemic issues. ⁣4 primary causes identify as:⁣

•Bad bacteria in the gut⁣

•Sluggish circulatory system (causing redness)⁣

•Stress in the nervous system (emotions, stress can agitate)⁣

•Demodex mites on the skin ⁣

⁣Mites?! ⁣ Yes. Bacteria plays a large role in the development of rosacea. Tiny mites live in our skin and produce bacteria. Those with rosacea often harbor these uninvited guests up to 6x more than healthy skin causing more irritation.⁣

⁣Pay attention to circumstances where you got a flare up after such as a bad sunburn or treatment. Could also be the products you’re using, switch to ones with cleaner ingredients. Pin point when your skin is feeling sensitive.

Madelic Acid is probably one of the best ingredients to incorporate in your regimen if you suffer from rosacea. It has very gentle exfoliating properties, it’s anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal which eliminates bacteria components while reducing inflammation.⁣

Other ingredients to look for:⁣

  • L-Arginine⁣

  • Salicylic acid ⁣

  • Green tea⁣

  • Sea buckthorn oil ⁣

  • Chamomile⁣

  • Stem cells (strengthens capillaries)⁣

  • Omega fatty acids⁣

✖️AVOID✖️AHAs like glycolic and lactic acid (these acids have very small molecules that penetrate too quickly and may cause irritation) .⁣

Sun protection is crucial! Mineral based sunscreen is your best bet because it offers anti-microbial/inflammatory support. As far as treatments go, schedule a consultation to see an esthetician. Typically corrective facials and chemical peels, and LED therapy help.